Weatherproofing Omaha, NE

Having a good weatherproofed roof is especially important in Omaha, due to unpredictable weather, but it can save you thousands in utility bills and roof repair bills, which is why Alcove Companies weatherproofs every roof we install. Our roofing contractors at Alcove Companies do everything that they can to ensure that your roof installation or replacement is your last. One precaution that our roofing contractors take is that we weatherproof all of our roof installations and roof replacements. With the Omaha weather, you need to have a good waterproofed roof. No matter how good the roofing materials are, without weatherproofing they will not live up to their full potential. But luckily, Alcove companies is a leading roofing contractor with the best materials, the best crew, and the knowledge to properly weatherproof your roof.

Under Shingle Weather Protection

Before we begin to install your roof, our contractors install a waterproof underlayment to your roof. This extra layer of roof weatherproofing not only protects your roof from water, but it also protects your roof from ice and wind. Which in Omaha is crucial in the winter. At Alcove companies our priority is to make sure we do not need to come back to fix anything. Our roofing contractors want to do the job right the first time.

Proper Insulation

Insulation may not seem important to the weatherproofing of your roof. But it actually is, especially with the Omaha winter. If you have poor insulation, the heat from your home may melt the snow on your roof, which can cause ice buildup in other places on your roof.  These buildups may result in icicles which could result in personal injury. To prevent these events from occurring, we check to ensure that your attic insulation is up to par. If your insulation is not up to par, we’ll replace it. At Alcove Companies, we want to make sure that your roof is as weatherproofed as possible.

Deicing Cables

Ice dams can cause serious problems to your gutter system and your greater roof system, especially in Omaha. When the ice dam is frozen on your roof in the winter it isn’t a problem. The real problem occurs while on warmer winter days when the ice starts to melt. The water is trapped and will often creep up under your shingles. The water from these ice dams can creep its way back 5-10 feet, which can cause major problems. The water can get through the roof and into your house causing havoc once it gets there. To prevent this issue from occurring, we offer deicing cables. Deicing cables heat up through electricity and warm the ice up to the point where it will melt and go through your gutter system and far away from where you used to have ice problems.

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