Roofing Repairs Omaha, NE

Alcove Companies in an elite roofing repairs brand in Omaha. Despite everyone’s best effort sometimes mother nature gets the best of our roofs. When this unfortunate event occurs, Alcove Companies has your back and is ready to repair your roof. Alcove Companies’ roofing contractors have the tenure and the skills to repair your roof to as new quality. Through the years of experience, Alcove Companies’ roofing contractors have learned the best ways to repair all kinds of roofing. We repair all types of shingled roofing, single ply roofing such as EPDM and TPO, but we also repair metal and built-up roofs in the Omaha area.

Shingled Roofing Repairs

When you have minor problems with your shingled roofing, the roofing contractors at Alcove Companies is the place to go to get your shingled roof repaired. Alcove Companies’ roofing contractors repair all types of shingled roofing whether it be three-tab shingles, composition shingles, or impact resistant shingles. No matter the issue with your shingles, our highly trained contractors can quickly and efficiently repair your roof to its prior beauty. For information on three tab and composition shingles, click here. For more information on impact resistant shingles click here.

Single Ply Roofing Repairs

Since single-ply roofing is only one layer thick it can occasionally need to be repaired. When this is the case, Alcove Companies it prepared to complete a roof repair and return it to it prior elegance. Typical repairs for single ply roofs are minor cuts or punctures from extreme weather or from human error. When these events occur, the repairs are quick and easy, typically a simple patch that gets sealed to the surface once again. For more details on single-ply roofing, click here.

EPDM Roofing Repairs

EPDM roofing is a single ply roofing material since it is only one layer thick, it is occasionally susceptible to cuts and punctures from either natural occurrences or a human mistake. No matter the case, the fix is more often than not a quick and easy one. The repair is typically an EPDM patch that is sealed around the perimeter back to the greater EPDM surface. Creating an airtight seal keeping water and any other foreign substances out. For more information on EPDM roofing, click here.

TPO Roofing Repairs

Since TPO is a one-ply roofing material which means that the TPO material is only one layer thick it’s most common need for repair is a puncture or a cut from either the weather or an error made by a person. In either case, a simple repair is in order. All that typically needs to be done is to put a patch over the punctured area and to seal the patch to the TPO material. For more information on TPO roofing, click here.

Metal Roofing Repairs

Metal Roofs are often very durable, but no roofing material is perfect. There are a few different repairs that may need to done to your metal roof. One such repair is to simply pull out faulty nails and replace them with new nails. A second possible repair could be to patch holes created be hail or some other natural occurrence. If there are any leaks, Alcove Companies can quickly and easily seal up those leaks and repair your roof to its former glory. For more details on metal roofing, click here.

Built-Up Roofing Repairs

Built-up roofs are for the most part very durable. But like everything, sometimes they need repairs. Some repairs that Alcove Companies can make are open joints, small blisters, undulations, and cracks. To repair open joints, we add some concrete under the open seem and let the concrete adhere to the substrate. As for small blisters, we cut out the blisters and add asphalt to the resulting hole and cover it with chippings. To fix undulations, we simply at layers of roofing until the roof is even again. Finally, cracks, we clean the area and add asphalt to cover the seal the crack. For more information on built-up roofing, click here.

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