Low Slope Roofing Omaha, NE

Alcove Companies is the place to go for all of your low slope roofing needs. Our hardworking low slope roofing contractors have made Alcove Companies a leading provider of low slope roofing solutions. A roof qualifies as low slope if it has a decreasing slope of two inches per foot up to four inches per foot. Low slope roofs are often used on commercial buildings. There are roofing solutions specially designed to prevent water or any other materials from getting through them. Three of these solutions are EPDM roofing, TPO roofing, and built-up roofing. EPDM and TPO are both single ply synthetic rubbers which are light, durable, and cost-effective. Built-up roofing, on the other hand, is an alternation between asphalt and a reinforced fabric. Built-up roofing has been an American standby for 100 years. All of which can be easily installed on your Omaha roof by our trained low slope contractors. But there are occasions where a residential roof may be low sloped as well, in this case, our residential low slope contractors will simply use whatever roofing material we used on the rest of the roof.

EPDM Low Slope Roofing

Alcove Companies low slope roofing contractors install EPDM roofing, which is a very durable single ply synthetic rubber material. EPDM roofing materials are built to weather the elements no matter what climate it is in. EPDM roofing is used in both new flat roofs and low slope roofs, but it is also used in roof repair services of both flat roofs, and low slope roofs. EPDM doesn’t crack as it stays flexible in the coldest of conditions, whether it is subzero in the winter or over one hundred in the summer, EPDM keeps your roof safe. EPDM roofs are more often than not used on commercial buildings. It is used for its cost, dependability, and durability. For more information on EPDM roofing, click here.

TPO Low Slope Roofing

Alcove Companies also offers TPO, which is a single ply synthetic rubber roofing material. TPO can easily be installed by our low slope roofing contractors. TPO is a highly flexible membrane which allows TPO to be very resistant to tears, punctures, and impact damage. This is due to the materials extreme flexibility allowing it to give with the impacts from other objects such as hail, branches, or any other materials. TPO roofing is UV resistant which is often overlooked when people look for roofing materials. TPO roofing is considered to be a “cool” roofing material and is Energy Star rated material. This will allow you to lower your heating bill in the winter and your cooling bill in the hot summer months. For more information on TPO roofing, click here.

Built-Up Low Slope Roofing

Alcove Companies also installs built-up roofing, which has been used on US roofs for over 100 years. There is a reason why it’s been a fan favorite for so long. These roofs are very waterproof, this is due to its multiple layers preventing any water from getting inside of your building. Built-up roofs are also highly Ultra-Violet ray resistant. Which can quickly break down your roof without resistance. These roofs are very low maintenance as well, once they are installed they are set for use for years. Built-up roofs are very durable not only does it hold up against weather, but also against foot traffic. With all of the layers, it doesn’t give and break. For more information on built-up roofing, click here.

Residential Low Slope Roofing

Residential low slope roofing does not need to be complicated. Even with the low slope of your roof, whatever material you chose for your roof, it will be watertight. Whether it is shingled or metal, water is not getting through your roof.

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