Built-Up Roofing Omaha, NE

Alcove Companies is the premier built-up roofing contractor in Omaha for the installation of built-up roofs. Built-up roofs have been used in the U.S. for over 100 years. Built-up roofs have stood the test of time and for good reason. The way that built-up roofs are designed allows the roof to stand tough against any weather that Omaha can throw its way. Built-up roofs are built by alternating between asphalt and a reinforced fabric (ply). Built-up roofs are built to be:

Highly waterproof: When installed by Alcove Companies’ contractors, built up roofs are seamless, meaning that there no “weak” points on the roof. The roofing material is a continuous solid entity throughout the surface of your roof. In other words, with a built-up roof installation through Alcove Companies contractors, there won’t be any water leakage through the roof.

UV Ray Reflective: One element that is often neglected when people look into getting a new roof is how well it reflects ultra-violet rays. But here at Alcove Companies, we make sure to cover all the bases. The top layer of the built-up roof is highly effective at reflecting the UV rays right back into the sky. If the UV rays had not been reflected away from the roof, the UV rays would tear apart the roofing materials at the molecular level. This event would eventually cause your roof to be far less protective of your Omaha property.

Low Maintenance: Due to the design of built-up roofs, once the new roof is installed by our built-up roofing contractors, it is very low maintenance. Not much is needed on the owner’s end after it is installed. The new built-up roof is built to stand the test of time keeping your Omaha property safe.

Durable: Our contractors install our built-up roofs to handle all of the elements, both natural and non-natural. New built-up roofs are designed to be able to withstand high wind, hail, heavy rain, snow, extreme cold, extreme heat, and any other phenomena that the Omaha weather can come up with. On top of the natural elements, built-up roofs are able to handle heavy foot traffic, unlike other types of roofing. There is a reason why built-up roofs have a 100+ year track record.

Thermally Strong: Alcove Companies’ built-up roofs are designed to keep the internal temperature of your building completely separate from the external temperature. The reason that built-up roofs are so good at keeping the internal and external temperatures independent from each other is the layering of the roofing. With the multiple layers of roofing material, the inside of the structure is insulated from the external weather. Built-up roofs are “cool” roofs since they are EnergyStar compliant.

Fire Resistant:  Built-up roofs are a certified fire-resistant material. Resisting any impending fires from above.

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